Working as a massage therapist for the past 18 years has provided me a strong understanding of what my clients want and need from a wellEnzoness professional: A knowledgeable, well-trained therapist who understands wellness entails more than just a healthy body. I designed BodyFIXX Total Wellness to help my clients achieve balance between their mind, body and spirit through massage therapy, fitness training, nutritional guidance and goal-setting. Being able to ease the pain caused by a stressed muscle is great, but I work closely with each of my clients to help them correct the actions which are causing the stress in the first place.

I’ve decided to take my passion to help others to the next level, so I joined the nursing program at CNI College to pursue my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse. The 20-month, 128-unit program is fast-paced yet exciting, and I love every day that I learn more about the human body.

I hope you invite me to share your journey towards total wellness.

Enzo Frazier

Massage therapist
Personal Trainer


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